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the Rhys Davies Trust

Trust Background

The Rhys Davies Trust was founded in 1991 by Meic Stephens, with funds generously provided by Lewis Davies, brother of the writer Rhys Davies (1901-78). The Trust is a registered charity whose objectives are to promote the writer’s work and foster Welsh writing in English, especially in the valleys of south Wales and in the genres in which Rhys Davies wrote.

It began by providing grant-aid for such projects as the Rhys Davies Short Story Competition and supporting bodies such as Literature Wales in a variety of initiatives designed to achieve its core aims in the Rhondda and in a wider Wales. The plaques project, which commemorates a selection of Welsh writers in English, the Trust’s support for the Wales Arts Review, and the republication of some of Rhys Davies’s books, are other examples of its work.

On the death of Lewis Davies, the last surviving member of his family, in December 2011, the Trust was left his entire estate and is now able to plan much more ambitious schemes. Dr Meic Stephens was commissioned to write a biography of Rhys Davies, which appeared in September 2013. Other schemes have included a successful Conference on the Short Story at Swansea University.

It is with regret that we have to announce the death of Meic Stephens on 2nd July 2018.  He was 79.  He had earlier stood down as Secretary of Trust and was replaced from 1 April, 2018 by Peter Finch. 

The Trust’s Chairman is Professor Dai Smith.  Dr Sam Adams is a Trustee.

Matters relating to the Rhys Davies Trust and its administration should be directed to: Peter Finch, The Rhys Davies Trust, 3 Bronwydd Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5JP.